Worked with

Worked on prestigious brands, such as:

  • The 20th Century FOX (Movies)
  • Disney
  • FOX Broadcasting Company (TV)

I love when I can see my work making a direct impact on people's lives. Furthermore when I can see how humble beginnings turn into successful projects.

I’m Juan/OmniWired and I’m an engineer!

More about me

Technology leader with experience in:

  • Software Development
  • API development
  • Proof of concepts
  • Technical design and creative solutions.

I get a sense of personal satisfaction for growing other people. Mentoring, leading, managing.

Working with me you can expect:

  • autonomy
  • good judgment
  • quality
  • honesty
  • consistent results
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I’m Juan/OmniWired and I’m an engineer!

Juan Combetto

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